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Every pet has a special place in our hearts.  This page is dedicated to those pets that we have lost.


Abigail, our first dapple Dachshund.  We rescued her as an adult dog from the pound.  Unfortunately, she showed signs of neglect and probably abuse.  She was scared of everyone at first.  Slowly, she realized "her mamma" wasn't out to hurt her.  Then she hurt her back and had to have surgery.  The recovery period essentially made her dependent upon us and she wasn't able to run away from "the boy".  This is when she realized he wasn't out to hurt her either.  Then she recovered fully.  Over the years, she learned to trust others and even learned how to play.  We felt so fulfilled knowing we were able to provide her with a perfect life and home for the entirety of her adult life.


Marcy, our second dapple Dachshund.  She was loving and sweet.  We've never known a sweeter dog.  She was also the best squirrel-chaser.  Although she never caught the squirrel, she got close.  Marcy was at home in her mamma's lap.

Gus in "Chainsaw Mode"

Gus, the red Dachshund:  He was a hunk of rippling muscle because he did everything full throttle.  His underbelly was scarred due to his disregard for briars while chasing down squirrels.  His front teeth were worn and broken off.  Again, this is the result of his being oblivious as he dug, bit, and ripped through tree roots while excavating for moles, gophers, and the occasional burrowing armadillo.  His missing front teeth were the reason some pictures show his tongue hanging out of his mouth...there was nothing there to hold in the tongue.

Gus & Marcy


Azzie, our Siamese cat.  She definetly had attitude, and like other Siamese, she was quite vocal.  When she was younger, she was accustomed to being able to come and go inside or outside as she pleased.  But for a 3-year period, we lived in an apartment in town and was thus confined to the indoors.  When we finally moved back to "the country", she went outside and never wanted to come inside again.  As she got older, the porch was her domain.  She remained beautiful to the day she died.


Marcy vs. Squirrel

Gus & Marcy

Gus' tongue

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