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Our pets...Oh, our pets.  They bring so much joy and laughter.

Mercy guarding the house.

Mercy & ball

Mercy, the black retreiver / lab mix.  The best guard-dog ever.  She's fended off vicious UPS and FedEx deliverers alike.  Mercy's also been known to put the sherrif back in his cruiser.  So far, she's the only one proven to be able to actually catch those wiley squirrels.

Gecko.  Seriously, that's his name.

Gecko.  Seriously that's his name.  He's a leopard gecko.  Gecko pretty much eats crickets and molts.  That's it.

Pip. She's sweet, but....the dumbest. dog. ever.


Pip & her pillow

Pip, the white & blonde spotted Pit Bull and "something" mix.  She's aflicted with early blindness due to advanced glaucoma.  She has adapted quite well and is very happy and content.


Bonnie, the Jack Russel/Fox Terrier mix rescued from the pound.  We can't understand how anyone could surrender her to the pound.  She literally has no faults.  Her only enemy is her own tail.  She's full of energy, yet very well behaved, and she loves to sleep in her mamma's lap.

Bonnie "baking her sweet tater".

Click here to view Bonnie's music video on YouTube

Bonnie Lazy Sunday


Gypsy, is our latest addition to the family.  She's a mutt.  She's so gentle and sweet.  She almost looks like a bigger version of Bonnie.  It would appear we're developing a theme of red & white girl dogs.

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